The first deadlines are getting close!

Quick update: week #5 at the MSc Strategic Marketing has just started! It rather feels like month #5 to be honest. But in a positive way! Looking back over the past four weeks I notice how much we’ve already done in such little time! And we’re getting busier each day…

Each of the first four weeks mainly consisted of the following parts: reading several case studies for the Branding and Consumer Behaviour classes and completing online quizzes on the Consumer Behaviour ones, taking part in weekly assessed (!) online discussions for our Technology in Marketing class, attending presentations from external guest lecturers (e.g. from easyjet and P&G) and, of course, lots of group meetings as the deadlines for our first four group assignments are getting close!

Last week, each syndicate group had to conduct an experiment in class (we had one day to come up with a research question and prepare the experiment) which will be the basis for a research report we have to submit. Have a look at the pictures to get an impression:

Class Experiment in Consumer Behaviour

Today then, we got the instructions on layout and content of the report. Have a guess when the deadline is! Well, it is next week (including a presentation)!

And if you think that’s it – don’t forget we are also currently working on a marketing project as well as on a brand analysis assignment – which both are due in two weeks time. And we will get the introduction for yet another group project tomorrow in our Technology class and – yes, you guess right – the deadline is in mid-November!

Nonetheless, all the hustle won’t stop me from sharing all my experiences and upcoming challenges with you, guys! Look forward to getting some more insights into the individual group assignments we are working on soon!

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