Time’s running

It’s time for a brief recap of the last two weeks! I don’t even know where to start as time is just running by and the workload is getting even heavier!

Last week, we had to hand in four group assignments: Marketing & Business Strategy Fundamentals, Consumer Behaviour, Technology in Marketing and Branding.

In Consumer Behaviour, we had to hand in our report on the experiment we had conducted (see my earlier blog post) and present its results in class. For instance, our group has analysed the impact of ethnicity on service marketing. (Our main finding was that it might be helpful to advertise heavily trust-related services with Asian people as they are generally regarded as very reliable and are also associated with high-quality services.)

In Marketing & Business Strategy Fundamentals we had to assume the role of a “full-service marketing company” and develop an integrated marketing plan for a company of our choice. We had to deliver our results and recommendations via a webbased report.

In Branding, we again had to choose a brand and analyse its brand equity. Our brand of choice was the NFL, the American National Football League – remember: chose your brands and companies wisely but also with regards to the fun factor to make the work more enjoyable and entertaining!


And, last but not least, we had to hand in an “agency brief” for Technology in Marketing. The task was to initiate a digital campaign to relaunch a company brand. This time, we chose Wholefoods Market (WFM) as the retail industry offers a variety of opportunities to leverage digital technology. We focused on the idea of introducing tablet computers in WMF’s grocery stores to make the shopping experience more convenient and entertaining.

Having finished all of this, we already started working on the next (and last) two group assignments for this term which are due in three weeks time (more on this in another blog post soon)!

Only 4 weeks to go until term break – but still lots to do until then!


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