Autumn projects

Captain William Lightfoot Schultz invents Old Spice on a ship with his shipmate Rogue Stallion—a one-eyed Australian ninja leopard—when they accidentally mix space rocks, tank weaponry, a race-car spoiler, cool sunglasses and a vampire fang.The autumn term will finish in less than 1 month, and we have already submitted four projects out of six. Last week was really stressful. Deadlines were coming just one after another and it was not easy to manage everything in the same time, but ultimately we performed well. It seems that everyone enjoyed our last Old Spice presentation for Branding course. Yeah, it is really perfect branding strategy, and the company not only changed brand perception from old fashion to trendy one, but also doubled their sales. Just if you are interesting, our presentation is available for downloading.

Team working brings lots of benefits and really matters! Our first meetings were not going very smoothly, but now I feel that we are real dream team and will do the best we can for two remaining projects. For example, for Marketing & Innovation course need to develop a new product according to recent trends in consumer behaviors. It sounds like a real challenge. Will let you know latter what we invented.

Dr Alexandros Papaspyridis from Microsoft is going to visit Imperial tomorrow with lecture “Mobile Trends Shaping Digital Marketing”. Will post short sum up after this event. By the way, did you hear that iWoz – Steve Wozniak, co-founded Apple Computers, – mentioned that Microsoft might be more innovative than Apple?!


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