Team Video Attempt 2.0!

It’s fixed!!! My incompetencies led me to posting a title. I know. I’m sorry! It’s the real deal this time though!!

Here’s the video produced by Six and the City for OB-HRM. The objective of the film was to teach at least one cross-cultural difference in a 5 min film

We won third place for most popular video. Check it out!




this was our prize:

…a box of “Quality” chocolates that we found… really hard to digest…

but we were determined to eat them all so we rationed the “chocolates” out over three meetings and forced each other to be diligent about eating our fair share! There’s nothing like peer pressure!!

Team conclusion: if we aren’t going to get first or second place, make sure it’s below third place!

What about first and second place? Check out their videos:

First Place:


Second Place:



This one’s pretty different, it’s a black and white film. Very cool:



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