Descriptions about the courses we had

Hello~ Very welcome to my blog. This time I will share more information about the two courses we finished, “Business Economics” and “Economics and Strategy for Innovation”.

For Business Economics, it is a fundamental course which introduces elementary economic concepts such as marginal costs, sunk costs, game theory, and elasticities. Besides the PPT slides uploaded for each lecture, our professor also prepared a 100-page note so as to help students who did not have much economics-related knowledge before. In addition, there were also three tutorials focusing on problem solving in order to assist students in preparing for the final examination. Although I did not major in Economics for my bachelor degree, I could still find that the contents covered in the lectures and notes were comprehensive and not very difficult. The course assessment consisted of exam (70%) and group coursework (30%).

For Economics and Strategy for Innovation, it focused on various concepts about innovation. Specifically speaking, we were expected to understand how innovation could be protected, measured and managed etc. Apart from exam (70%) and group coursework (15%), we also had a 1, 500 words individual coursework (15%).

From my point of view, these two courses are quite helpful, because they already laid a foundation for the future courses such as “Macro-economic Environment”. The group assignments of these two courses are kind of challenging and they help you get to know your teammates as well. Additionally, the professors are also very attentive and efficient. If you have any questions, you can just drop an email which normally be replied within the same day.




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