Author: Hongyu Gan

Descriptions about the courses we had

Hello~ Very welcome to my blog. This time I will share more information about the two courses we finished, “Business Economics” and “Economics and Strategy for Innovation”.

For Business Economics, it is a fundamental course which introduces elementary economic concepts such as marginal costs, sunk costs, game theory, and elasticities. Besides the PPT slides uploaded for each lecture, our professor also prepared a 100-page note so as to help students who did not have much economics-related knowledge before. In addition, there were also three tutorials focusing on problem solving in order to assist students in preparing for the final examination. Although I did not major in Economics for my bachelor degree, I could still find that the contents covered in the lectures and notes were comprehensive and not very difficult.

Why ESB programme~

Hello~ Very welcome you to my blog~! I am Vincent Gan, a Chinese student who studied Accounting in the United International College for my bachelor degree. It is my first time to study abroad which I believe will be a fantastic year.

Why ESB programme?

Before I came to Imperial College, I learned this course by reading its brochure online. Taught by faculty ranked 4th in the world, I thought this ESB programme would assist me to lay a solid foundation for pursuing a professional career, while also helping me attain a global perspective. Courses, such as “Corporate Strategy” and “Business Economics”, were likely to provide me with a strong footing in both theoretical concepts and practical applications.