The bear has found its way out of hibernation!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Time flew by so quickly, I can’t believe it’s 2013 –

————–2013 and…. just to add to the volume of annoying comments about the end of the world, let me say this – it’s a miracle that Facebook made it through the 21st of December without wanting itself to crash from sheer exhaustion of having to display the same Armageddon jokes and comments over and over again!

I have to admit that it was rather fun reading about all the people who stocked up on food, First Aid supplies and other non-perishable items on the 22nd. As one of my friends put it, – the end of the world means the end of the world for..well everyone….right? …so why do people consistently believe that they – THEY will be the exception?! If whatever this problem is still looking for a name – I think it should be called the – Kal-El complex.

Truth be told, I had completely forgotten about the potential drama of the 21st until friends flooded my phone with messages a few days earlier about whether it was worth spending the holidays studying for term exams –With the conclusion that the end of the world was in fact a rational and valid concern of ours, we decided to ban all studying till after our survival. I think this rationale should only ever be lived out once in a life time because come exam week, you realize much too late that it’s hard talking your way out of that excuse!


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