Dr Ceyda Oksel, Research Associate in Statistical Machine Learning, Medicine

I received an MSc and PhD degree from Leeds University, where I spent six months as a postdoctoral research fellow investigating the application of computational approaches to the prediction of the biological effects of nanomaterials.

In 2017, I joined Imperial as post-doctoral research associate, and I’m currently working as part of a multidisciplinary research team consisting of data scientists, statisticians and clinicians with an interest in implementing machine learning models to understand the progression of asthma and allergic diseases from childhood to adulthood. I’m a departmental representative for postdocs facilitating communication between postdocs across departments, and a staff supporter providing confidential assistance to all Imperial staff. I’m also acting as a personal tutor for a group of first year students studying Medicine, and as a scientific mentor to high school students undertaking British Science Association CREST Awards. I’m also involved in outreach work designed to help academically-talented disadvantaged students achieve their potential through the Social Mobility Foundation).

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