Dr Daniel Ainalis, Research Associate, Civil and Environmental Engineering

I completed my undergraduate degree and PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Victoria University in Melbourne, focussing on heavy goods vehicle dynamics.

Following a slightly different postdoc position in Belgium, I wanted to return to working on sustainable freight and the opportunity at Imperial to work at two leading laboratories within the Centre for Transport Studies (Transport & Environment Laboratory, Transport Systems and Logistics) was simply too good to pass up! I am working with leading researchers on a variety of projects related to improving the sustainability and performance of transport.

One of the research projects I am currently working on is focused on evaluating the economic and environmental benefits of Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) for heavy goods vehicles as part of an InnovateUK funded project. Globally, transport is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and in order to mitigate climate change, action must be taken to improve the sustainability of transportation.

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