Dr Christine Evers, EPSRC Research Fellow, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Since completing my BSc and PhD in Bremen Germany, and Edinburgh, Scotland, I’ve worked in both academia and industry.

Currently, I’m EPSRC Fellow in the EEE department and my main research interests are in acoustic signal processing, speech processing and audio. Sound is of key importance in everyday life. Being able to capture, process, store and transmit sound has been pivotal to telecommunications and entertainment for many years. Now we’re increasingly looking at equipping robots and autonomous machines with the ability to understand and adapt to the surrounding acoustic environment. By analysing the acoustic scene, a three-dimensional map of the environment can be created, and used to identify sounds or recognise the intent of speech signal.

Although I’ve been working in this field for several years, I’m always amazed that new research questions bubble to the surface, requiring new ideas and, eventually, signal processing algorithms to address them.

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