Ivan Carromero Manzano, Team Administrator for Estates Development and Projects, Estates Operations

I’m originally from Spain where I studied Environmental Sciences at the Autonomous University of Madrid, before coming to the UK around four years ago.

I joined Imperial, working first in the catering department in the library café and stayed there for around two years. It was an enjoyable time and I made many great friends – both staff and students, as we’re obviously in close proximity with students on a daily basis.

I then moved to the summer accommodation services, as part of a team of six Duty Supervisors, overseeing a team of around sixty temporary receptionists hired every year to run the receptions during the summer. That was a very busy and challenging seven months, as it’s an important commercial activity and stream for the College. I really enjoyed that summer.

From there I moved to my current, permanent role as Team Administrator for Estates Development and Projects where I provide full administrative support to the Estates Operations Team. In my department I have the opportunity to get involved in different projects and interact with lots of people around the College. I can’t even begin to explain how much I have learned during the last two years.

I am also a Mental Health First Aider. We form a network of over 250 staff at Imperial and are here to provide help to those experiencing mental health issues before professional help is obtained.

I sit on the committee for the College-wide PA & Administrator Network – for Administrators, PAs, EAs, Sectional Administrators, etc. This has been really useful in understanding the different areas of the College, how they all relate to one another and also for sharing good practice and identifying development opportunities within Imperial.

I’ve always been encouraged to progress, move around and evolve. My impression is that managers give you as much responsibility as you are willing and able to take on.

To summarise, Imperial College is a great University and an exciting and vibrant place to work, with good opportunities to develop a professional career and meet amazing and inspiring people.

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