Dr Andreas Kafizas, Lecturer in Climate Change and the Environment, Grantham Institute

“I completed my MSci and PhD in Chemistry at University College London (2003 – 2011), and was then awarded back-to-back fellowships that supported my research at Imperial (Ramsay Fellowship, 2012 – 2015; Imperial College Junior Research Fellowship, 2016 – 2018). This year I was awarded a Lectureship at the Grantham Institute.

My life-long goal is to develop light-activated coatings that can drive useful chemical processes using sunlight. These coatings, for example, could be placed on a building façades and purify polluted city air using ambient sunlight. They might also be used to generate renewable fuels, by converting water into hydrogen fuel or carbon dioxide emissions into carbon-based fuels/ feedstocks. We make these coatings using upscalable materials and methods; compatible with existing industrial methods to coat building materials on scale. I also have a keen interest in using combinatorial methods to discovery and optimise new materials.

I am actively involved in showcasing my research, regularly taking part in Pint of Science, the Imperial College Festival and doing outreach in schools.”

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