Kam Chaggar, IT Service Management Lead, ICT 

“I really enjoy being part of a team that puts customers first and allows a better customer and student experience.”

I joined Imperial College’s ICT department in March 2019 as a Customer Services Manager for Support Services, I met some talented and inspiring people and made some friends along the way. The best part of this role was being able to help, guide and provide solutions quickly to my customers, especially during the COVID19 pandemic. 

In 2020 I took on the role as IT Service Management Lead looking at a customer-focused approach to delivering information technology. Having worked in this industry for over 13 years and being fortunate enough to be guided by one of the co-authors of the globally recognised framework ITIL, I am passionate about being able to focus on providing value to customers and building customer relationships.  

Some frequently asked questions and issues from customers are “Where do I find information? What services do ICT support? I don’t have access, or it’s expired. I’m unable to log in.” My role involves reducing these types of issues by designing processes that underpin and drive efficiencies for the services ICT deliver. This includes looking at areas where a lot of time and manual effort is being spent and exploring how this can be digitally transformed by levering technology to automate recurring tasks that deliver better customer experiences.  

These processes have been streamlined and integrated into the new IT Support tool ASK. I really enjoy being part of a team that puts customers first and allows a better customer and student experience when interacting with ICT. 

Outside of work, my teenage kids keep me very busy with their homework, school projects, as well as being their personal taxi service, which I’m sure all parents of teenagers can relate to!  I often wonder what the future holds for them, and I’m both curious and looking forward to seeing what life choices they make and where their decisions lead them…without too much interference from me. 

I’m very grateful to be part of the Imperial community and contributing to the amazing work that happens here. 

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