Abu Bakarr Bangura, Hall Supervisor, Campus Services

“My primary responsibility is to ensure the residents have a safe and secure environment in which to live.”

I am one of the Hall Supervisors at Wilson House and I have been at Imperial College London since 2011. Before that I worked in sanitation management for King’s College, the Royal Free Hospital and for Carilllion. I came to live in the UK in 1991 from Russia, then the Soviet Union, which led me to study Russian and German at the University of Westminster. I’ve worked in several different halls at Imperial over the past 12 years, including Pembridge, Beit and Silwood. My primary responsibility is to assist in the general management of the hall and ensure the residents have a safe and secure environment in which to live. Checks are carried out daily and any maintenance issues are logged in terms of priority.

In addition to the halls team that I am part of, the hall also has a  wardening team that is responsible for the pastoral care of residents.

The Imperial value of respect plays an important role in my work because we work very closely with people and help to solve any issues they are having. Students are our clients and as such we have the utmost respect for their privacy, their information, and their living space.

I enjoy my job because we have to deal with different kinds of issues from residents’ arrivals and departures,  maintenance works, residents getting locked out, and dealing with residents’ concerns. Last year in July I was awarded Employee of the Month by the halls managers and staff at South Kensington. The team I work with is great, there are lots of training opportunities, and I still work with the people who interviewed me for my position.

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