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… my name is Anna, I am from Germany and I did my undergrad degree in Business Administration at the LMU Munich. After having done a 4-month internship at Condé Nast this summer I am now finally here in London and ready for one year which I hope will be packed with loads of experiences, new friendships and of course many insights into the world of strategic marketing!

High expectations

Why did I choose Imperial College? First of all, it is of course the high reputation of Imperial College and the specific approach of the Strategic Marketing programme! Back in Munich, I did my major in Digital Media and Business and that is exactly what the MSc Strategic Marketing is focusing on, too! The Imperial approach to marketing really differentiates itself from similar marketing programmes. We not only learn about the technological aspects of marketing in theory but we use it on a day-to-day basis. You should have a look at our classroom! Right at the first day of our programme we were handed out our iPads which means we are a having a completely paperless course! All course materials are delivered to us via our new goody and we are using different kinds of social media to communicate with each other outside the classroom.

But studying at Imperial College offers you even more! Being located in central London there are lots of things to do in your leisure time. These range from an innumerable amount of museums and galleries (we are located directly opposite to Victoria and Albert Museum!) to all kinds of bars, pubs and restaurants.

I can’t think of another European city that is so international! This is also reflected in the composition of our course: it brings together people from all around the world and the cultural exchange is just huge! I just love this amalgam of cultures and it makes discussions in class so much more interesting!

For me, it is the combination of academic excellence, the international environment and the activities you are offered in a buzzing city like London that make studying at Imperial College so special!

And now … what is it like to study Strategic Marketing at Imperial College?

The first two weeks at Imperial even exceeded my expectations and reassured me in my decision to do the MSc Strategic Marketing: it is exactly WHAT I want to do and WHERE I want it to do!

If you want to find out if the MSc Strategic Marketing is the right thing for you, too, or if just want to get some insights into the life of an Imperial student– just follow my blog! I am also looking forward to any comments you have as I would love to give you as much inside information as possible!

I am really excited to share my experiences at Imperial College with you right from the beginning of our programme and throughout the year!

See you soon!

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