New FoM/FoE kick-start initiative supports 11 innovative collaborations

I am pleased to announce that the Faculties of Medicine and Engineering have funded 11 projects under the new ‘kick-start’ initiative.

These awards, and the collaborations they are nurturing, have been borne out of a programme launched back in November with our FoM/FoE networking event.

The scheme aims to foster new collaborations and stimulate innovative research at the interface between engineering and medicine. 80 staff attended the event to meet each other and to hear about work underway across the two Faculties.  In January this year, 33 joint project proposals were submitted.  The number of high quality applications received led to the Principals of both Faculties agreeing to increase the funding available to support a broad range of projects. A diverse portfolio of proposals to develop technologies in the fields of e-health, imaging, surgery, neuroscience, infection, and cardiovascular research have now been funded.

We hope that these collaborative teams will develop large bids for external funding in the coming year.

Dr Sarah Perkins
Head of Research Strategy

Applicant/co-applicant Associated department Project title
Toni, Majeed, Cadar, Curcin Computing, Primary Care & Public Health Argumentation Approach to Clinical Decision Support with Guidelines in Primary Care
Vaidyanathan, Nandi, McGregor, Seemungal, Yousif, Mechanical Engineering, Surgery & Cancer, Medicine Integrated motion tracking, muscle, and neural activity monitoring
Stevens, Hanna Materials, Surgery & Cancer Prototyping a nanoneedle endoscope for Barrett’s Syndrome surveillance
Tang, Senior, Cosgrove, Eckersley, Shah, Chahal, Bioengineering, NHLI, Institute of Clinical Sciences Quantitative imaging and computer assisted analysis of plaque vascularisation and vasa vasorum using contrast enhanced ultrasound
Xu, Luckham, Chan, Gibbs Chemical Engineering, Surgery & Cancer Imaging of The Vulnerable Carotid Plaque: Biological Targeting of Inflammation Using Microparticles 

of Iron Oxide (MPIO) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Arora, Rodriguez y Baena
Surgery & Cancer, Mechanical Engineering, Towards a bespoke MIS system for robotic head and neck surgery
Faisal, Seemungal, Gilestro Computing, Medicine, Life Sciences Affordable neurotechnology for kinematicsbased 

early diagnosis and monitoring of neurological disease

Georgiou, Holmes, 

Charani, Hatzaras, Moore,  Viñas Engineering

Electrical Engineering, Medicine, Bioengineering ENhanced antibiotic prescribing through a CBR-based Imperial Antibiotic Prescribing 

Policy smartphone application (ENIAPP)

Nandi, Murphy, McLeod Medicine, Electrical Engineering Development of remote sensing intracranial pressure monitoring system
De Paola, Harris, French, Sardini Clinical Sciences Centre, Bioengineering, Natural Sciences Imaging optical chemical sensors using FRET-FLIM in vivo
Peters, Siggers, Ng, Roney, Malaweera, Christensen NHLI, Bioengineering, Physics Predicting the onset of heart rhythm disturbances from clinically available measures of cardiac electrophysiology: a combined modelling and biological experimentation approach.

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