Month: June 2018

Inclusive Module for Professional And Critical Thinking Skills (IMPACTS) Teaching Fellow

What is IMPACTS?

The Inclusive Module for Professional And Critical Thinking Skills (IMPACTS) is a project funded by Imperial College Excellence Fund for Learning and Teaching Innovation for a year. Its aim is to develop – for all postgraduate taught programmes in the Faculty of Medicine – a blended online/face-to-face module to introduce our Masters students to the professional skills and critical thinking required to undergo their research project.

Inspired by the daily practice of the scientific community, IMPACTS will be a blended and inclusive learning approach to these professional skills, such as efficient article reading and data presentation as well as claim analysis or problem-solving. The teaching will be delivered through an interactive online pre-session element and a subsequent face-to-face element, relying on active sessions directly integrated into individual programmes’ curricula. Through its interactive, blended and inclusive nature, IMPACTS fits nicely within the College Learning and Teaching strategy.

New Teaching Fellow Post

To support this project, we are recruiting a Teaching Fellow (TF, 0.5FTE level 3b for 12 months) who will, by working alongside our students, postgraduate programmes and the IMPACTS team, coordinate the design, development and timely delivery of the IMPACTS module.

More details about the post can be found in the Job Descriptionincluding a link to the application page.

If you have any queries about the role, please contact Sophie Rutschmann.

Applications should take the form of a CV and a cover letter outlining the skills and experience you would bring to the role and should be sent to me by 12 noon on Wednesday 4 July. All application received will be acknowledged.

Great opportunity to mentor high school students for CREST Awards – we need you!

Great Opportunity to Mentor High School Students for CREST Awards
For the 6th year, we are running the Imperial CREST Academy to support scientific mentoring of high school students undertaking British Science Association CREST Awards (British Science Association CREST). The project will start in October and run through the next academic year.

Likened to a ‘Duke of Edinburgh Award in Science‘, these awards are certified by the British Science Association for scientific projects that students do outside of their normal school work. This gives the students an opportunity to develop original research ideas and interact with real scientists, a fantastic and inspiring opportunity. Groups of new students from all over London would like to undertake CREST Awards, but are in need of scientific mentors from Imperial College. (more…)

New Research Data Service from ICT

ICT has launched a new service this month that is designed to meet the demands of today’s research community. The RDS is a new central service for storing large volumes of research data. It has a number of key features, for example:

  • Ease of use: accessible as a fast network drive across the college network, and directly on the ICT computer systems.
  • Cost-effective: generous standard allocations for individuals and projects, with metered rates for additional storage (see Wiki.Imperial for a comparison of storage options).
  • Secure: will become an ISO-certified system for secure, GDPR-compliant data storage.

The service includes the following storage space options:

  • Project Space: as a PI you may create as many separate project allocations as you need, with each project receiving 2Tb of online storage. Additional storage will be available (chargeable at the metered rates shown below).
  • Individual Space: as an active user of the Research Computing Service’s HPC systems you will also receive an entitlement of 1TB for private working space. This space provides snapshots, allowing you to retrieve deleted or earlier revisions of files.
  • Ephemeral Space: projects and HPC users alike have access to temporary working space. This ephemeral space can store an unrestricted amount of data for up to 30 days before it is automatically deleted.