Imperial Innovations launches Quicktech

QuicktechImperial Innovations has recently launched Quicktech, its new online portal for the straightforward non-exclusive licensing of technologies developed at Imperial.

The system was put in place to reduce the amount of time spent negotiating licensing deals, by using predefined prices and Terms & Conditions.

Quicktech can be used to promote materials you develop during your research, such as antibodies, cell lines, disease models, plasmids, patient surveys, and software. We can also provide sales reports, detailing how many units have been licensed and to whom, to support your impact statements.

We have recently completed our first license through the platform for OneZoom, a data visualisation software developed by Dr James Rosindell (Life Sciences).

You can learn more by visiting the website, or contacting the Quicktech team via e-mail or by phone (0)20 3727 2055.

Florian Morillon
Imperial Innovations

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