The Society for Academic Primary Care – Madingley Hall 2017

SAPC Madingley Hall 2017The GP teaching team were well represented at the SAPC Madingley conference, presenting on a range of educational innovations and research from within the department and beyond (see below for details). Following on from Dr David Hirsh’s keynote talk on longitudinal integrated clerkships, some of the Integrated Clinical Apprenticeship team from Imperial  (Dr Andy McKeown, Dr Arabella Simpkin and Dr Ravi Parekh) ran an interactive and engaging workshop to explore the evidence for this model of learning and to consider to practicalities of designing and delivering such a model. Ms Giskin Day (Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication), Dr Ros Herbert and Dr Emma Metters also ran a workshop onArts and Minds: using creative practice in the curriculum to enhance reflection, skills and knowledge’.

Congratulations to all the speakers who presented their work, including Dr Shivani Tanna who won the Dangerous Ideas prize for her IMPACT model, a method for helping students engage with the interpersonal aspects of patient consultations.

Dr Arti Maini and Dr Sonia Kumar – A health coaching training programme for medical students at Imperial College London.

Dr Andy McKeown, Dr Ravi Parekh and Dr Sonia Kumar – Inspiring commissioners of the future: A unique teaching session for Year 5 medical students to learn about and experience commissioning in the NHS

Dr Maham Stanyon, Ms Lisa Carrier, Dr Noreen Ryan and Dr Sonia Kumar – Virtual reality as a tool for learning in medicine; exploring the perceptions of medical students

Dr Elizabeth Muir and Dr Melek Somai – CARE CAMPUS. Defining the future of Caregiving Education in Europe

Dr Noreen Ryan, Dr Benedict Hayhoe, Dr Ben Clark – Expectations versus experiences: evaluation of learning outcomes from a student selected Palliative Care module in General Practice

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