Sharing approaches to maternity services – ICCESS update

Sharing approaches to maternity services

The ICCESS team are partway through an innovative simulation-based research project to map maternity services across North West London. The Sharing Approaches to Maternity Services project, funded by Health Education North West London, aims to identify areas of best practice, challenges in the current system, and suggest ways in which services could be improved.

The project uses Sequential Simulation (SqS) to model the maternity care pathway (see image below). The simulation compresses the nine month pathway into a 30 minute simulation that is being delivered to maternity teams at six hospitals in the NW London region. Each simulation is followed by a facilitated discussion, where audience members are asked to contribute their perspectives on the strengths and challenges in current maternity practice. The discussions are filmed and analysed by the project team to identify common themes and patterns.

Simulations have now been delivered at three of the six hospitals that are involved in the project. The project team, led by Sharon-Marie Weldon and Miranda Kronfli, have started to analyse the data obtained at these events. Preliminary feedback shows that the maternity teams involved in the project are finding it a valuable experience to be part of and some really interesting themes are emerging from the data.

Medical education invited lecture

Prof Roger Kneebone gave an invited lecture on Thursday 9 February at the Nuffield Dept of Surgical Sciences on his journey from practicing clinician to medical educator as part of the department’s ‘Becoming a Medical Educator’ week.

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