The UK Medical Bioinformatics partnership programme (UK Med-Bio)

What is Med-Bio?

The UK MEDical BIOinformatics partnership programme (UK Med-Bio), led by Prof Paul Elliott and funded by the MRC, brings together a group of leading multidisciplinary teams in medical, chemical, metabolic, statistical and computational sciences from across Imperial College London (lead institution) and its partners.

What resources it offers

As part of the programme, dedicated infrastructure has been purchased and set up, consisting of hardware that is already integrated in HPC’s CX1 and AX4 clusters, dedicated servers with virtual machines (VMs) and a massive amount of high-performance, secure, tiered storage directly connected to such servers. Moreover, access to various bioinformatics software and databases is available through UK Med-Bio’s licences. On this regard, look out for UK Med-Bio training events, including courses concerning such software. In addition, you may contact us for help on topics like storage management and leveraging UK Med-Bio in grant proposals.

How to make requests and get more information

Those who work with -omics data with a direct impact on human health are welcome to request access to UK Med-Bio’s resources, by dropping us a line at You can head to our College wiki ( and website ( for more information. We also encourage you to join the recently created mailing list for requesting and sharing information on all aspects of bio and bio-medical related HPC.

Dr David Mosen-Ansorena
UK Med-Bio Bioinformatician

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