ICCESS update: International Symposium on Performance Science

International Symposium on Performance Science

Professor Roger Kneebone has recently returned from the highly successful biennial International Symposium on Performance Science (ISPS), hosted in Reykjavik’s iconic Harpa opera house. The conference, jointly led by Professor Aaron Williamon (co-director with Roger of the Royal College of Music-Imperial Centre for Performance Science) and the classical guitarist Professor, Petur Jonasson, brought together academics and practitioners from dance, music, medicine and other disciplines.

Professor Roger Kneebone

The opening event was a performance of No Tomorrow (an award-winning dance for eight dancers with guitars), preceded by a CounterCurrent Live between Roger and the performance’s creators Ragnar Kjartensson & Margret Bjarnsdottir. The conversation was based on Roger’s successful iTunes podcast series CounterCurrent.

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