Innovative teaching spaces built at Charing Cross’s lab block

Over the summer months, three lecture theatres in the Lab Block at the Charing Cross campus underwent extensive refurbishment. The changes are in line with the College’s Learning and Teaching Strategy, and the spaces have been redesigned to facilitate different, more effective teaching methods, and better accommodating small group teaching.

While the 10th floor space remains in a tiered, theatre structure, it has been fully redecorated and includes new seating and brighter lighting.

10th floor space before and after

The 8th and 9th floor ‘teaching rooms’ have been completely redesigned to act as spaces for small group teaching and more flexible teaching methods, but where lectures can still be given. These rooms also feature more modern lighting, and now include power sockets inside each table unit for connecting laptops or other devices for use during sessions.

9th floor space before and after

Presentations can be watched on the main projector screen, or on five new, large monitors positioned around the rooms for ease of viewing.

The re-worked spaces will also provide a backdrop for creative thinking inside the School of Medicine’s MBBS Curriculum Review, showing how our spaces can be re-arranged to allow for new styles of both teaching and learning.

The 8th floor space can be rearranged to allow for group work

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