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Plug-and-play prostheses wins IGHI Student Challenges Competition

Artificial limbs that patients can fit and maintain themselves won both the top prize of £5,000 and an additional Audience Choice Award of £1,000 at this year’s Student Challenges Competition hosted by the Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI).

Exploring Data-based and AI approaches to Healthcare

This month IGHI collaborated with the EPSRC Centre for Mathematics of Precision Healthcare to discuss and learn about the latest advances in data-based and AI approaches in healthcare.

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Former Special Adviser to UN Dr David Nabarro appointed Global Health Chair

Former Special Advisor to the UN and nominee for the WHO Director General, Dr David Nabarro has been appointed as Professor within Imperial’s Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI).

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Global Health Forum: Healthy cities

IGHI host forum to discuss the current research on air pollution and health cities.

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The impacts of Ukraine’s hike in tobacco tax

In the latest instalment of Imperial’s Global Health and Development lecture series, Dr Laura Webber (Director of Public Health Modelling at the UK Health Forum and Honorary Assistant Professor at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine) presented evidence that predicted the avoidance of 127,000 new cases of smoking-related diseases by 2035 as a result of tobacco excise tax increases in Ukraine.

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Patient Safety Translational Research Centre host patient safety Committee

Imperial NIHR Patient Safety Translational Research Centre within IGHI hosted 3rd & final NASEM Committee on Improving Quality of Healthcare Globally.

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Global Health Forum: Vaccines for life 

Join us on Thursday 19th April for our Global Health Forum with a focus this month on vaccines and their uses in LMIC held jointly with the Centre for International Child Health and the Vaccines Research Network.


Cholangiocarcinoma – the rare disease that’s on the increase

Professor Simon Taylor-Robinson provides insight into the work being conducted in cholangiocarcinoma, a rare primary malignancy arising from cholangiocytes, the endothelial lining of the biliary ducts.

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