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Medicine and open access

It is international Open Access Week during 22-28 October and to mark this occasion the Open Access team have a number of news items for the Faculty.

Deposit Statistics for Spiral

During the 2017-18 academic year the Open Access team in the Library ensured 9,604 journal articles, 869 conference papers and 900 theses were deposited in our repository Spiral, as open access.

Medicine and open access

The Open Science Monitor (OSM) of the European Commission has released some analysis on the percentage of open access publications (gold and green) by Fields of Study. This data was gathered through the analysis of Scopus data. Some STM lead in open access (Agriculture, Biology, Medicine, Health) while other SSH/STM are the last (Art, Law, Religion, History, but also some engineering and Chemistry) and the percentage of gold/green varies across subjects due to researchers’ publishing habits.

Interested in open access publishing?

The OA Team of the Library has created an Open Access publications group on Yammer (part of Office 365) which is open to all and allows you to keep up to date and discuss open access with the team or other colleagues in College.

Keep up to date on OA downloads via the Open Access and Digital Scholarship Blog.

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Events for Open Access Week