David Larbie, Assistant Building Services Engineer, Estates Division

I am an Assistant Building Services Engineer in the Engineering, Energy and Environment team part of the wider Estates Operations at Imperial College.

I obtained my degree in Mechanical Engineering from Queen Mary, University of London in East London, where I was also raised. I joined Imperial in 2013 as an Engineering Technical Assistant supporting the Estates Engineering Team at a very exciting stage. The team were undergoing a major update of their strategies and standards, which I helped to coordinate. This role was crucial to my development as an Engineer as I had the opportunity to learn from experienced Engineers, who had essentially been there and done that.

My roles at Imperial have enabled me to apply my engineering skills in the field of Building Services. This area focuses on the Mechanical and Electrical systems that make buildings safe and comfortable. My role is varied and ranges from undertaking calculations of required ventilation and cooling in existing rooms, to overseeing installations of heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) infrastructure in brand new buildings. One of my highlights over the past five years is seeing the White City Campus develop. The regeneration of White City often reminds me of the transformation I saw in Stratford, living in a neighbouring area around the time of the Olympic Games.

I am currently completing a part-time MSc Environmental Design and Engineering at UCL. This has helped me to develop advanced approaches to designing and operating buildings. I have found part-time study a big test of my resilience, as I often have to dedicate weekday evenings and weekends to complete coursework. I regularly play football to keep fit, and captain one of the Ethos 5-a-side league football teams. The team brings together staff from a wide range of departments across the College.

My favourite aspect of working for Imperial is the rich network of diverse people I meet every day. Through discussions I have learnt plenty about areas which have broadened my knowledge of the world.

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