Janice Man, Graphic Designer, Business School

“I turn ideas into visual images to communicate a message.”

I wouldn’t describe my recent career as a journey, but a two-minute walk. I was a graphic designer at the Science Museum before joining the Business School. At the museum, I could be designing for a gene editing exhibition one day, then toilet direction signs the next. Now I get to work with academics, who are as passionate about Microsoft PowerPoint as they are about digital transformation. 

I’m the Business School’s graphic designer. For anyone new to this role, I turn ideas into visual images to communicate a message. A client submits a design brief and I interpret it creatively to meet their needs, while keeping within the brand guidelines. My specialism is information design. This is the practice of presenting information in a clear and accessible way for users. 

During the week, I could be working on anything from full digital campaigns to pull up banners for the annual conference, or a 60-page report on clean energy investing. Throughout lockdown, I worked with the Student Experience team on concepts to encourage student engagement. Client feedback is really important – after a few minor edits, I usually finish jobs at around version 11.  

On a more strategic level, my role is about developing the Business School’s brand and enhancing its profile. It’s important to ask why we’re designing something and really consider its purpose for the School. It’s not about just creating something decorative to display but considering how a design fits with our vision. 

I was shortlisted at the Professional Staff Awards 2021 as an ‘Unsung Hero’. It feels pretty good to help deliver designs on time and beyond expectations.  

Outside of work, I’m looking forward to going to a handful of postponed weddings. I want to meet family and friends in large groups again. Socialising with colleagues would be a bonus – I haven’t discussed projects over a cup of tea for over a year!  

Before the pandemic, I spent most of my time going to museum exhibitions. I’m patiently waiting for a time when I can make this a big part of my life again. During the various lockdowns I’ve made time to curate my stamp collection. I’ve also been working on a collection of calligraphy greeting cards with my partner. I do penmanship, he handles the words. 

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