Samantha Symmonds, Postgraduate Education Manager, Earth Science and Engineering

Samantha Symmonds

“The most rewarding part of my role is supporting my team to ensure we provide the best service for our students and staff.”

I joined Imperial College of Science & Technology (as it was then known) in 1988 as the Vacation Training Co-ordinator in the Careers Service. At the time I had no real plans to stay, but 34 years later I find myself still at Imperial having enjoyed the many diverse roles I have undertaken.

In 1988 technology was very limited, and I fondly remember the one afternoon slot the Careers Service received each week to access the single Registry computer. It was a very busy afternoon given the other option was to use the typewriter and make many carbon copies!

In 1990, I joined Electrical & Electronic Engineering and worked in the department for 12 years, most of which was with the Optical & Semiconductor Devices Section as their group administrator. I always felt very much part of the team, which included PhD students, research assistants and academic staff.

I moved to Earth Science and Engineering (ESE) shortly after it was established and have worked in the department for 20 years. I initially managed one of the MSc courses and looked after the 180 PhD students in the department. It was a very busy but rewarding role and I enjoyed supporting the students to achieve their goals.

My current role involves managing a small team to deliver the administrative support for postgraduate education in the department, helping the team deliver all aspects of postgraduate administration from admissions through to graduation. We have created a wonderful and supportive team spirit, and we were awarded a prize by the ESE Internal Awards and Recognition Scheme for our student support during COVID. The most rewarding part of my role is supporting my team to ensure we provide the best service for our students and staff, plus making sure that our office runs smoothly.

Outside of the College, I enjoy playing golf (not very well) and spending time with my family. I especially enjoy looking after my fur niece, a cockapoo called Daisy – she keeps me on my toes!

I have worked alongside some wonderful colleagues and students from every corner of the globe in my career and look forward to working with many more in future years!

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