Dr Stephanie Hodeib, Teaching Fellow, Department of Immunology and Inflammation

“Celebrating LGBT+ History Month is crucial to acknowledging and appreciating the diverse contributions of the community throughout history.”

As a recently appointed Teaching Fellow at Imperial College London, my professional journey has been a blend of education and career growth. I embarked on this journey by completing a PhD in the Department of Infectious Disease at Imperial. There I developed the skills that paved the way for my current role, principally by teaching fundamental lab skills. During my PhD I gained experience in teaching by working with taught courses and providing teaching support. This allowed me to successfully achieve the Fellowship of Higher Education.

In my current role, I focus on developing wet laboratory skills in students, and evolving their ability to critically think about the scientific method in an objective manner. My teaching is also about bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications. It’s about making science come alive in the laboratory, but with a strong focus on immunology and infection. The impact of my work is evident in the growth and proficiency of students. Witnessing their progress is immensely rewarding, and their feedback informs me of how transferrable, and important, the skills they develop are in their future education and careers.

Imperial’s commitment to excellence and collaboration resonates deeply with me, particularly the open and collaborative environment of the university. The framework has provided a solid foundation for navigating challenges, and fostering a positive learning environment. To continue societies evolution, I believe that quicker adaptation to circumstances, and more implementation of systems for recognising excellent student and staff, could further improve Imperial’s values.

In line with my personal values, I am an LGBTQ+ Ally. My journey began in my school days with a commitment to inclusivity and understanding for my friends and others. Everybody has a right to take up space. Celebrating LGBT+ History Month is crucial to acknowledging and appreciating the diverse contributions of the community throughout history. It’s a time to foster understanding, break stereotypes, and promote acceptance. I always aim to contribute positively to both the educational journey of my students and promote an inclusive culture within the institution.

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