Rhea Samra, Sustainability Officer, Office of the Provost

Rhea Samra
“Sustainability Fortnight, the annual celebration of sustainability at the university started last week. This year, we’re excited to host a range of workshops, exhibits and seminars.”

I’m based in the central Sustainability function, working to support the delivery of the university’s Sustainability Strategy, and it’s been great to see the momentum build around sustainability over the past few years at the university.

I’m lucky to work with a wide range of colleagues at Imperial – from academic experts to help draft the upcoming Sustainable Business Travel Policy, to operational leads who attended our pilot staff climate literacy course. I also work with communications experts to help amplify the great work going around on campus, such as sustainable lab practices, such as closing fume cupboard sashes completely when not in use. This reduces their energy consumption by 40% or more.

Over the past few months, I’ve been leading the university’s Sustainable Business Travel Policy, which is a piece of work that has really encompassed the Imperial values of Respect, Collaboration, and Excellence. We’ve launched the Green Impact scheme, which is an office-based framework for teams to try and make the most sustainable impact possible. Did you know ICT found that over 5,000 PCs and Macs are left on overnight or when not in use?

We’re currently in the middle of our Sustainability Fortnight – the annual celebration of sustainability at the university. This year, with an incredible planning group (ICU and Global Challenge Institutes), we’re excited to host a range of workshops, exhibits and seminars. Our events will cover topics like the link between climate change and mental health, the steps you can take to make your labs more sustainable, and a gardening session in our Secret Garden.

Outside of work, I love reading non-fiction books and then constantly spiel facts to anyone who will listen. The worst one was Empire of Ants which my friends did not always appreciate (but it is an excellent book!).

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