WHO Collaborating Centre for Public Health Education and Training update

Geneva trip 2017

Like every year, WHO Collaborating Centre is organising a trip for MPH students to WHO Headquarters in Geneva. The trip also includes visits to the Global Fund, the IRC, MSF and the UN.

During the intensive three days, students will attend engaging and interactive talks led by experts in major public health fields such as health systems and innovation, evidence-informed policy, or health systems financing. They will also be given an informative insight into the jobs and internships recruitment processes within the WHO. The trip includes social activities such as dinners and walks around the city.

Advanced leadership and management for healthcare course in Croatia

This summer WHO Collaborating Centre will be delivering the Leadership course in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The WHOCC Advanced Leadership and Management for healthcare course is a one- week intensive training addressed to health professionals. The content of the course is built around the WHO framework and aims to help participants become more successful leaders in a knowledge- based health system.

More information on the course is available at the WHO Collaborating Centre website.

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