Update from the MSk Lab

Dr Pav Sarai (PhD student in Paul Strutton’s Lab) won first prize for his talk on developing magnetic brain stimulation for neuro-monitoring during vascular surgery at the recent Vascular Anaesthesia Society of Great Britain and Ireland meeting. This pilot work (partly carried out by MRes student Charlotte Luff) on healthy subjects paves the way for exploration of this technique during complex aortic aneurysm surgery, where there is a risk of paralysis.

Dr Mohammed Aslam recently set up a joint supervision programme for overseas postgraduate students undertaking PhD research at Imperial. Under this arrangement, students carry out most of their research in their home country and visit Imperial for 3 months per year to attend transferable skill courses and gain further experience from the experts at Imperial.  The primary supervisor visits the students twice a year to monitor their milestones and make sure research is being performed according to Imperial standard. Students pay overseas fee rate (£38K/year). This allows our department to recruit more overseas students than would be possible to accommodate if they were to be housed at Imperial campuses.

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