MSc students visit the Centre for Engagement and Simulation Science

The opportunity to gain first-hand insight into the challenges within the UK healthcare system might not be something that’s readily available outside Imperial College, and a group of newly enrolled students on the MSc International Health Management programme took full advantage when they visited the Centre for Engagement and Simulation Science (ICCESS) on 6 October.

The students watched a Sequential Simulation of a patient visiting hospital following a heart attack and undergoing a coronary angioplasty. The ICCESS team designed the simulation to show interactions between patients and clinicians in difficult circumstances; in this case due to a shortage of nursing staff. The student cohort, many of whom are from outside the UK and have no previous experience of the UK healthcare system, then worked in groups to discuss the challenges presented in the simulation and how things could be improved. 

The immersive experience provided the students with a great introduction to some of the topics they’ll cover in their programme of study.  Dr Benita Cox, who leads the programme, appreciates the experiential learning that simulation provides: ‘Observing the simulation helps our students to understand the challenges and complexity of a clinical scenario. It also enables them to consider how they might apply management principles to facilitate and improve the clinical pathway process.’

For more information on MSc International Health Management visit the programme page.

If you think that Sequential Simulation could add value to your programme and would like to find out more, please contact ICCESS Centre Manager, Duncan Boak.


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