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Shining a Light on Ovarian Cancer

Christina Fotopoulou

To mark Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Professor Christina Fotopoulou, Chair in Gynaecological Cancer Surgery and Professor of Gynaecological Cancer in the Department of Surgery and Cancer, and consultant gynaecological oncologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust—reflects on Imperial’s recent breakthroughs in the field. Delving into Imperial’s pioneering efforts to enhance diagnosis, treatment, and understanding of this complex disease, Christina also sheds light on some of the unique challenges faced. 

The time has come once again for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in the UK. This is our annual opportunity to shine a spotlight on ovarian cancer and increase awareness of a disease that has been a significant challenge for women for centuries (see fig. 1).  

Imperial and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust have made significant strides towards improving the diagnosis and management of ovarian cancer for many years, and there is even long-term hope of a cure in the future. Through pioneering systemic and surgical therapeutic strategies and conducting ground-breaking research, the Imperial clinicians and researchers  have established themselves as global leaders in the field of gynaecological cancer.  

For example, James Flanagan recently received half a million pounds from Cancer Research UK (CRUK) for his Early Diagnosis programme and Anke Nijhuis was awarded a £1 million Career Development Fellowship from CRUK to establish her own independent research within the Department of Surgery and Cancer. Additionally, the Parasol foundation has generously awarded over £1 million to support research into drug resistance, tumour heterogeneity, and more personalised, predictive imaging.  

The fight continues for better care, improved quality of life and increased survival rates for patients.