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Lindani Ndou, Software Development Apprentice, ICT

Lindani Ndou

I contribute to the development, design and maintenance of applications and websites for central services teams.” 

After finishing my GCSEs, I went to sixth form to study chemistry, biology and music. At the time, I was set on going into the field of medicine with the aim of being a surgeon. However, when lockdown happened and my older sister moved back into our family home, I was exposed to more of the UX/UI (User Experience and User Interface) work she was doing and listened in on the Zoom calls she would have with her team. This reignited my interest in tech and coding, enough to make me switch paths and pursue it fully!  


Sanjeevani Panditharatne, Research Postgraduate, Department of Physics

“Climate change is the greatest challenge facing this generation, and a deeper understanding of it is vital for our planet’s future.”

After graduating with a degree in Chemical Physics from the University of Bristol, I started a PhD in the Space and Atmospheric Physics research group, as I’m determined to work in the field. Climate change is the greatest challenge facing this generation, and a deeper understanding of it is vital for our planet’s future.

My research is focused on the Earth’s Radiation Budget, the difference between incoming radiation from the sun and the loss of energy to space through the reflection of solar radiation or the emission of thermal radiation – the kind of radiation that keeps us warm. Because of human activities, more thermal radiation is being trapped in our atmosphere, leading to a rise in the average global surface temperature. Models suggest that around half of the thermal radiation reaching the top of our atmosphere is in a region called the far-infrared.


Eleonora Moratto, Research Postgraduate, Department of Life Sciences

“Imperial has been an incredibly supportive environment for both my scientific and artistic pursuits. The framework here has allowed me to thrive and grow in both areas.”

I am currently pursuing my PhD in the Department of Life Sciences at Imperial. I have been a part of the Imperial community for several years, having completed my Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences here. During my undergraduate studies, I became captivated by the world of fungi and its role in plant evolution. This fascination led me to pursue two MRes degrees, one in Molecular Plant and Microbial Sciences and the other in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences.

My research as a PhD student is focused on plant-pathogen interactions. I am investigating the impact of electric fields on these interactions. With the world’s growing population and the challenges of climate change, food production needs to be increased. However, pathogens and pests pose a major threat to crops. I am exploring alternative ways to combat these threats, without resorting to chemical pesticides. My research is focused on a tropical pathogen called Phytophthora palmivora, which is responsible for damaging crops such as cocoa and oil palm. I am studying how this pathogen responds to electric fields and whether this response can be exploited to keep it away from plant roots.


Madiha Sajid, Learning and Development Manager, People and Organisational Development

“My main responsibility is to ensure that all managers and supervisors across Imperial have the right skills and tools to support their teams.”

My journey has taken me from the beautiful landscape of Pakistan to the vibrant life of London. I studied at the prestigious UCL Institute of Education where I completed a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, Gender and International Development. This was one of the best educational experiences of my life. One thing led to the other and before I knew it I was working in higher education in the UK – something that I greatly enjoy!


Liz Scholfield, Public Relations and External Communications Specialist, ICT

“The great thing about working for Imperial is that they support you to learn and move roles easily, enabling you to gain knowledge and skills in many areas.”

I have worked at Imperial for 17 years, in many different roles and departments. I started in the ID Card Office in 2007, acting as the point of contact for many new starters, then from 2009 moved to supporting undergraduate and postgraduate students with course administration. My career took a change of direction in 2012 when I reignited my passion for the creative arts and moved to a role as a Digital and Creative Media Assistant with the Communications Division.

Prior to working at Imperial, I studied a degree in Fine Art at the University of Reading. I was proud to be the first in my immediate family to go to university, having grown up in a working-class family on a council estate in the East End of London during the 80s and 90s, where university wasn’t the norm. It was a very exciting and new experience for me to move away and I loved meeting new and different people who positively influenced my life. After graduating, I eventually returned to London which is where I found Imperial and my husband Karl Scholfield, who also works for Imperial. We met 11 years ago over PG administration coursework and a love for Tina Turner records.

The great thing about working for Imperial is that they support you to learn and move roles easily, enabling you to gain knowledge and skills in many areas. This ease of movement, be it on a secondment or through job interviews, has made me a well-rounded member of the community, and a go-to person for advice and direction.

In my current role I lead, direct and manage the public relations (PR), marketing and external facing communications support for ICT, which includes the Realising our digital ambitions blog. I support the Chief Information Officer (CIO) with promoting Imperial and ICT as a world-class university with a world-class IT department.  This role includes communications activities with external media organisations partners, industry experts and the public sector with the aim of showcasing ICT’s tech talent and equality, diversity and inclusion, as a way to encourage recruitment from all areas and backgrounds.

One of the most impactful pieces of work I have completed so far, and one in which I have felt a great purpose, has been embedding the Imperial Values within the ICT community. I led a campaign to introduce and embed the values through a variety of means, including staff meetings, newsletters, identifying dedicated champions, and creating sustainable merchandise. Part of the campaign involved introducing our quarterly ICT Awards, which recognise staff who demonstrate the Imperial Values.

I have been recognised with several ICT Awards myself, including the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Award for my work on the Women in ICT campaign. This campaign has not only recognised our current amazing people working in tech, but is driving our commitment to recruiting an inclusive, gender-balanced work force.

In my spare time I enjoy painting and drawing, so I’m looking forward to making more time for the ICT sketch club. I enjoy exercising, but I have knee arthritis and I am currently looking for new ways to work out – I am loving aqua aerobics at my local gym, spin class, and I am now on the Move More programme at Ethos.

Bouquette Kabatepe, Digital Accessibility Officer, ICT

“Even before it was called digital accessibility, I was involved with making things more user-friendly.” 

I have been the Digital Accessibility Officer at Imperial since 2020, where I coordinate our digital accessibility compliance efforts. Reporting to the Head of Governance in ICT, my role involves policy and risk management, raising accessibility awareness, digital accessibility compliance approvals, stakeholder engagement, and providing advice and support on accessibility compliance. 

By engaging with high-level decision-makers, including digital teams across the university, ICT product line teams, student support services and teaching technology staff, I have been working towards embedding best practice in inclusive digital design throughout the institution. 


Professor Eiman Kanjo, Provost’s Visiting Professor, Department of Computing

“My extensive network within international tech companies and community groups enables me to foster collaboration and advocate for change in the broader engineering community.”

My primary mission as Provost’s Visiting Professor in the Department of Computing  is to fully immerse myself in the academic community and contribute significantly to the research and teaching efforts of Imperial. I firmly believe that this role will provide me with the resources, support, and collaborative environment I need to take my research to the next level and make a meaningful impact. I am committed to sharing my extensive connections with end-user organisations and industry by mentoring PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers, helping them bridge the gap between academia and the professional world for real-world impact and knowledge exchange.  (more…)

Suzy Ford, PA and Administrator, Department of Surgery and Cancer

“My school governor role has given me a wealth of experience and has widened my remit within my role working here at the College.”

I have been working in the Division of Cancer for over twenty years in cancer research administration. I am a Unison steward and have previously served as Chair, and I am currently Treasurer for the Committee. Previously, I have taught adult education in ESOL (English for speakers of other languages), functional skills, family learning and have taught a range of fitness related classes from dance fitness to Pilates. I have also taught accredited fitness qualifications and have experience in assessment and internal verification.

The team I work with carries out research in a translational laboratory which focuses on detection of micrometastatic disease (cancer cells which have escaped from the original tumour and have spread to other parts of the body) and applies this to the treatment of breast cancer.


Abu Bakarr Bangura, Hall Supervisor, Campus Services

“My primary responsibility is to ensure the residents have a safe and secure environment in which to live.”

I am one of the Hall Supervisors at Wilson House and I have been at Imperial College London since 2011. Before that I worked in sanitation management for King’s College, the Royal Free Hospital and for Carilllion. I came to live in the UK in 1991 from Russia, then the Soviet Union, which led me to study Russian and German at the University of Westminster. I’ve worked in several different halls at Imperial over the past 12 years, including Pembridge, Beit and Silwood. My primary responsibility is to assist in the general management of the hall and ensure the residents have a safe and secure environment in which to live. Checks are carried out daily and any maintenance issues are logged in terms of priority.


Jacyra Da Silva Baptista, Staffing and EDI Coordinator, National Lung and Heart Institute

“As a Black woman working in education, I understand that there are many barriers to women of colour taking up leadership positions. I want to help dismantle not just race, but disability and gender-based biases, making NHLI’s working environment as inclusive as possible.”

When I graduated from Aston university with a degree in Management and Strategy in 2010, I didn’t have a clear vision of what my career would lead to. During that time, the economy was just recovering from a recession, it was a huge struggle to find graduate level jobs, and I felt overwhelmed and lost. I applied for a great number of jobs and eventually stumbled into the wonderful world of education.

I worked as a student support officer at an independent education provider and then I moved on to another role in a contemporary music college as a wellbeing adviser. I felt like I had finally found my feet, but three years later I was made redundant. I knew I wanted to stay in education as I really enjoyed helping students and working within a learning-focused environment.