Month: October 2020

News-Break’s Mini Metro report: 1980

40 years ago on the 29 October 1980 STOIC reported on, what was then, the new Mini Metro car. This location report was one of several undertaken on location using their portable video recording equipment. Yes, it’s still in black and white because colour for them was still a little while away, even though the TV Studio had already converted.

Tracy Poole and Grant Richmond are the reporters on location at the Design Centre in London’s Haymarket.

Colin Grimshaw 29 October 2020


Blog Design Changes: October 2020

There have been some changes recently to the design and layout of this blog. I’m finding that things can look a bit different at times and you might also been finding that? If you notice anything odd happening with the new layout and that images or videos are looking strange, then do please tell me via the contact page.

Also, I no longer have a list of those I’ve added myself to email notifications, so you might not even be seeing this post! But I hope you do, because I have some great posts coming up soon. There are more 8mm colour film discoveries and one blog is about how Imperial started something that ended up on international TV…

Colin Grimshaw October 2020