Engineering the Hovertrain 1972

Proving extremely popular are the videos and films made with Professor Eric Laithwaite. Laithwaite Eng HovertrainIn this blog I’m pleased to be able to bring you one of several films that were in the personal collection of Eric Laithwaite and that I was lucky enough to be able to secure in the Imperial Archive after he’d died.

Engineering the Hovertrain was made in 1972 by the then, Central Office of Information. It’s about the only real example of the creation and operation of the experimental hovertrain vehicle the RTV31, seen running on the test track that was built in the UK.

Colin Grimshaw January 2015

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  1. Hey I’m sold! Rohr got into this in the 1970’s but funding ran out. Bummer! Will this be replacing steam catapults on aircraft carriers soon? Could it be used to put stuff into orbit?

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