Pedal Car Club: 1972

I can’t find a great deal of information about the Pedal Car Club, other than there are several references in Felix to the ‘Guilds’ Pedal Car Club. One of the Felix mentions from August 1983 had this photo on the front page. In the video you’ll spot Bo, so does this confirm the Guilds link? The first mention in Felix was in 1967 and the last in 1983, so I’m assuming it no longer exists? Anyway, once again we can enjoy this 1972 8mm film shot by STOIC for inclusion in TOPIC and with the added bonus of the original commentary as recorded by Graham Foster. There are also some nice views of the original layout of the gardens along with brief shots of the old Southside and Weeks Halls.

Colin Grimshaw June 2022

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  1. I’m not sure about 1972, but Mines also entered the race at least twice during my time (72 – 76). Of the two race categories, Rugby school always won the lesser one – they turned up in a bath tub (with wheels)… very slow, but super reliable and you couldn’t force it off the road, or damage the wheels by “accidentally” driving into it. I hate to admit it, but I suspect Guilds won the Guilds vs RSM contest – understandable I guess. I remember one drive back, when we came across an inflatable castle in a park in Bath – the sort now seen in village fetes and beaches across the land. This was the first such edifice we’d ever seen. Chris Webborn (RMS VP) cried “Halt!”… we all piled off the coach and indulged ourselves for 20 minutes – literally bouncing around – much to the bemusement of the children & moms present.

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