Rag Week Round-Up: 1979

On the 29 November 1979 edition of STOIC’s News-Break, Bryan Steele spoke to the Rag Chairman, Rachel Snee about how she thought things had gone so far. There then followed a video of the “Exec Torture” which she had taken part in. The following week on the 5 December there the first of two summaries of Rag Events that had happened. On the 13 December programme, which was also the Christmas Special, the last summary was shown.

Both of these were brought together, and also compiled by, Alastair Knights, who was at that time the STOIC Archivist. This time period is now important because it’s the year when we moved onto the Sony U-Matic tape format, and videotapes were then subsequently kept. Up until then Ampex format videotapes were erased and re-recorded over each week. I encouraged the setting up of a card index and the inclusion of a running order in each tape box. From all of this we now have this amazing archive and associated index – which is now digitised.

Sadly, all of these video items were still being recorded in black and white, or maybe it was better that way? You judge for yourself as we go back 42 years into student Rag history…

Colin Grimshaw December 2021

2 comments for “Rag Week Round-Up: 1979

  1. Hi Colin –

    I stumbled across this fortuitously, not sure how, and was very glad. I think I may have filmed the tiddlywinks rag stunt in Oxford Street in 1979 so it was a good memory. I didn’t spend long with STOIC due to other commitments and events but I wish I had been able to be more involved.

  2. Hi – I did the tiddlywinks – great memory.
    Can anyone remember whether there was another band on with The Enid, Albertos and Neil Innes?

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